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I am addicted to the feel of you on my tongue... I am going to kiss...and lick...and tease every place of pleasure I can find... and then discover a few more...


Author's Note:

This audio is one I remember fondly even after all this time. Getting to absolutely feast on your body and feeling you getting hotter and wilder under my tongue.

This is a "My Kinks" audio before the series even began. Nothing turns me on more than to drive you mad with pleasure.


Bed Sounds / Breast Appreciation / Clit Play / Cum Play / Decadent Pussy Licking / Desperate / Devouring You / Dig Your Nails In / Fingering / Good Girl / Growling / Honey / Intense / Intimate / Kissing / Licking You / Loving / Nipple Tease / Nipple sucking / Oral / Passionate / Purring / Sheets / Sweetheart / Taking Care Of You / Tasting You / Tongue Sounds / Turned On / Whimpers /


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