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I absolutely crave the taste of you.

I savor every tremble of your legs wrapped around my head...

Even when I'm fucking you... I still am lost in the memory of your shuddering pleasure on my tongue...

I can't get enough.  Ever.


Author's Note:


The idea behind this audio was to let you know exactly what I'd be doing with my mouth on your body. So I got nice and close to the mic, and let my mind do the rest...


I don't think there is any secret in how much this kind of theme turns me on. There is a certain sense of accomplishment. When you're body is shaking and you're soaking my tongue.


The physical response is secondary because your mind needed to let go for you to reach this place of pleasure.


Watching the process of you becoming a creature of raw arousal and passion makes me want to join you in getting completely lost.


My aim is to make you not only feel comfortable but like a goddess being absolutely worshiped. At the same time, I want to test the limits of how much pleasure you think you can feel... and then surpass it.



3D / ASMR / Clit PlayCum Play / Dirty Talk / Ear Attention / Ear licking / Fingering / Growling / Intimate /  Intense / Licking You / My Kinks / Oral / Passionate / Pleasing You / Pussy Worship / Sheets / Tasting You / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Whispers


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