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Have you ever wanted someone to take their time tasting you, pleasuring you... worshiping you...?

How about two someones?


Author's Note:

Do you ever get into a place where a certain thing will turn you on a bit extra for a while? I always enjoy tasting you but lately, the thought of feeling your shivers of pleasure on my tongue has been making me absolutely RAVENOUS.


So what better solution than to get to have you twice in one audio?

With your permission, I'll be unleashing the playful chaos of Double Gael to feast on your deliciousness...hope you weren't attached to that 4th wall ;)



3D / ASMR / Devouring You / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Double Gael / Fuck The 4th Wall / Good Girl / Growling / Honey / Ice Play / Kissing / Let Go / Licking You / Oral / Playful / Pleasing You / Pleasure / Purring / Sensual / Sloppy / Slurping / So Fucking Good / Tasting You / Threesome / Tongue Sounds / Toy / Vibrator / Wet Sounds / 


Oral Adoration

Home Sweet Home

Satisfy My Craving (My Kinks)

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Double Gael: Twice The Pleasure (Oral Worship)

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