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The air is electric with an approaching storm...

Two fronts colliding, lots of moisture, and of course... a BIG boom.


Author's Note:

Nothing gets me going like a particularly powerful thunderstorm. Feeling the rumble vibrating through your body, that bit of excitement between the lightning and waiting for that CRACK of thunder... It makes you feel excited and alive...


I love the idea of having you writhing in pleasure beneath me, the reflection of the rain rolling over your skin as we crash into each other in time with the storm.



Belt Sounds / Deep Inside You / Devouring You / Dirty Talk / Fingering / Growling / Hard / Intense / Kitchen / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / Mine / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Pin That Ass / Primal / Rain Sounds / Table Sex / Take It Deeper / Tasting You / Tell Me / There You Go / Thunder Kink / Tongue Fuck / Window Gazing Sex / 



If this whet your whistle, Here are some other some other stormy favourites:

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Thunderstorm Position (Passionate & Primal)

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