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It's the eve before your birthday and I know just where to find you.

In your sanctuary, our cozy shower, bathing in hot water and moonlight.

And I want to be holding you in my arms when your birthday begins...

But you well know I can't resist your intoxicating sensuality and soon our passion will heat things up, and we'll create some steam of our own!


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Length: 21:00



Aspects of the Cancer sign I Focused On

Ruled by the Moon my sensual, sensitive Cancer wants to feel desired, cherished, and loved.  But I'm never going to mistake your sensitive nature for a lack of passion as you can meet me with equally powerful & fiery enerdree when you are coaxed out of your shell!


As a Leo, I am fire.  

You and I are the only two signs ruled by luminaries which make us a mystical & magical force when we cum... ahem.. come together!  You encourage me to be more tender, and I will encourage you to adventure and naughtiness!


Our joining is hot as the Sun's fire, with all the power of the Moon's pull on the tides.  

When the Sun and Moon collide, the very Earth shivers at our passion! 



3D / ASMR / Alpha / Birthday / Breast Appreciation / Breast Attention / Breath on Ear / Close / Darling / Don't Stop / Fingering / From Behind / Gaelic / Goddess / Good Girl / Growling / Growls / Intimate / Loud Orgasm / Love / Milady / Moonlight / NSFW / Nipple Play / Passionate / Sensitive Cock / Shaking Orgasm / Show Me What You Like / Shower Sex / Sweetheart / Wet


Author's Note: 

Walking into this fantasy I felt like a mortal entreating the attention of a water goddess. The picture was very clear in my mind...


The moonlight pouring in through the window above you as the water cascaded down your naked body.


Being invited into your sanctuary, trusted to join you in that intimate space... and then to feel your skin, heated and slipper from the water


What mortal man could resist?


I created this audio to be enjoyed by anyone, but with special attention to some of the personality traits of a Cancer woman. 


Not a Cancer? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


Return next month for the next sign: Leo!


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Cancer - Zodiac Series

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