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I stood in the doorway watching you dance and wiggle as you cooked
And something other than dinner got stirred up.
Brace yourself love, the stove isn't the only thing heating up this kitchen tonight.


(click video for sample ♥)


Author's Note:

The things that turn me on the most are the every day things.  Watching you do normal activities in your unique way.  The little flourishes that make you special liek the way you laugh or when you dance as you cook.


This audio was a way for me to express that turn on and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You know when you're aroused and it feels like your blood has turned to honey and everything you do sense a little tingle through you?


This was that kind of feeling as this fantasy unfolded in my minds eye.  I hope that feeling transfers to you as you listen, and will you do me a favour?  Think of me next time you do the dishes ;)


3D / ASMR / Begging / Breath on Ear / Cooking / Cumming Together / Deep / Desperate / Ear Attention / Ear licking / From Behind / Good Girl / Growling / Hard / Intense / Intimate / Just The Tip / Kitchen / Loud Orgasm / Mine / Nature Sounds / Needy / Needing You / Nipple Play / Pinching Nipples / Please / Pounding / Purring / Rain Sounds / Slow / Whispers /


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Cooking Up A Storm (Kitchen Sex)

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