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Work has me going insane and the only thing getting me through is my fantasy of what I'm going to do to you when I get home...


Author's Note:

Sometimes you just want to fuck.  But not just anyone.  THE one.  The one waiting for you who wants to please you and take you inside her with as much enthusiasm as you want to be inside her.


There is a certain kind of romance in that basic, deep inner compulsion to connect our bodies.


The world may feel out of control but when you move your hips and hear the woman you love moaning in ecstasy there is a primal satisfaction, and the world is set to right in that moment.


When you have your mouth on me and and you're taking everything I have, it's sexy and mindless, but there is a part of me that knows you understand what I need and hungry to give it to me.


When life gets stressful, sometimes you need emotional support and sometimes you just want to devour your partner and get lost in each other's bodies until you forget your names.

Are you ready to get primal and dirty with me?  Buckle up, cuz I'm very ready.  ;)


Alpha / Blow Job / Clit Play / Cum Sounds / Deep / Dirty / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Doggy Style / Dominant / Edge of Bed / Fingering / From Behind / Fucking Your Mouth / Good Fucking Girl / Good Girl / Growling / Hard / Hard For You / Intense Orgasm / Licking You / Look At Me / Make Me Cum / My Fantasy / My Fuck Toy / My Girl / My Plaything / My Stress Reliever / Narrative Style / Passionate / Pinned / Pounding / Praise Kink / Primal / Pull Your Hair / Right Where I Want You / Sloppy / Spank or Two / Stroking / Take It Deeper / Tasting You / Tell Me / Telling You What I Like / That's My Girl / There You Go / Tongue Fuck / Turned On / Uncut / You Can Take More 


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