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I knew when we went walking today... you wanted to fuck me.

Don't deny it.  It's written all over your face.  I can see it.

And when I murmured dirty talk in your ear, the scent of your arousal drove me half mad.

Time to go home.  So I can make good on all my filthy promises.


Author's Note:

This is the result of July's "Create With Me" request post on Patreon where I take your sexy ideas and slip them deep into an erotic audio.  It's a fun challenge for me and a bit of a thank you for supporting my content. (Click here to join)


I can see I'm not the only one the summer is working its sexual magic on.

Our turn-ons mixed together so nicely the day I recorded this.  You wanted something a bit dirty and aggressive and I had just finished training. My blood was running hot and the testosterone flowing through me was more than happy to oblige, like xd


As always, I enjoyed getting to explore the words that turn you on.  These audios have that little bit of extra intimacy for me.  An extra naughty thrill to say exactly what you want to hear...


I hope you enjoy this lickle bit of extra naughtiness!



Afterglow / Alpha / Bad Girl / Bed Percussion / Bed Sounds / Big Boy / Blow Job / C Word / Carrying You to Bed / Create With Me / Cum Sounds / Deep / Deep Throat / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Don't Run / Finger Sucking / From Behind / Gaelic / Good Girl / Growling / I Love You / Intense / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / On Your Knees / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Petal / Pretty Girl / Purring / Ride Me / Slut / Spank or Two / Summer / Tasting You / There You Go / Uncut / Wearing My Shirt /



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Hot Summer Dirty Talk

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