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Our attraction was instant.  Electric.  Primal.

You were intoxicating.

And I let you walk away.  

That's not what I wanted.  I wanted to fuck you right there in that dark alley behind the club. But we'd only just met and I didn't want to take advantage...

Sometimes it's hard being a gentleman.

Very very hard.

Now I'm all alone... fantasizing about what might have been...


Author's Note:

One thing I've been told over the years is how much a woman likes to know what a man is thinking.  

For this audio, I tried to be as honest as possible sharing my fantasy as I was having it, really letting the listener into my mind.  Get comfy and play along with me...



Against The Wall / Belt Sounds / Blow Job / C Word / Classic Audio / Club / Cock Sounds / Creampie / Dancing / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Fantasizing / Fingering / Good Girl Gone Bad / Growling / Hard / In My Arms / Intense / Mine / My Fantasy / NSFW / Narrative Style / Neck Kissing / Primal / Public / Public Arousal / Public Sex / Standing / Strangers / Stroking / Teasing / Turned On / Undressing / We Have To Be Quiet / 


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A Gentleman's Desire (What Could Have Been)

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