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Good morning my love...

Is there room for two on that porch swing?

Cuddle close into my arms, and we'll listen to the sounds of our garden as we lazily swing back and forth... perhaps I'll whisper a bit of Irish poetry in your ear...

We've nowhere to be but together.


Author's Note:

I've been particularly ready for spring to come this year. It's been a wet, bleak winter and my body longs for runs in the sunlight and walks amongst the new flowers.


This was a lovely escape into a wish. Cuddles on a porch swing as the gentle rain falls softly. The emerging sunlight making our garden sparkle as the wind-chimes dance in the breeze.




The first 10 minutes are softly spoken loving words, a corny joke or two and a bit of Gaelic poetry (Spring by Antaine Ó Raifteirí - that you can find translated here)


The last 10 minutes are just the sounds around us as we nap as the mid-morning sun claims its victory over the lickle garden rainstorm.


Birdsong / Corny Jokes / Gaelic / Gaelic Poetry / Gentle / I Love You / Intimate / Loving / Morning / Poetry / Rain Sounds / Relaxing / Romantic / Sleep / Soft / Soft Spoken / Spring / Sweet / Tender / Vanilla Content / Wind Chimes / Windchimes / Winding Down / 


If you like the vibe of this I recommend

One With Me which is a gentle and intimate lovemaking fantasy set to the gentle swaying of wind-chimes and nature. It's one of my favourites!


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