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I want to be on you, in you, all around you...

I want to be joined.  One.

We'll get there...Together...


Hear a Sample

Decadent. Relaxing. Orgasmic.

A perfect mixture of everything that you love about Gael.  

Spend an hour in bed with Gael being pampered and pleasured while outside the windchimes sway in the breeze and the relaxing West Irish rain slides down the window pane.

He leaves no part of you untouched, his lips miss nothing all the while whispering soothing and sexy words in your ear...  Sink into bliss with him wrapped around you as you cum and fall asleep in his arms..


Tags:   Loving /  Fan Favorite / 3D Soundscape / Orgasmic Relaxation / Sleep Aid

Length: 1 Hour

Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase

One With Me (Hour Long Intimacy)

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