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You knew I was going to need you tonight.

You were given very. clear. instructions.

And yet I find you playing.  

Looks like someone needs to learn some obedience.


Author's Note:

The inability to resist arousal is definitely a huge turn-on for me.  Giving in to the demands of your damn sexy.

Don't worry. I'll make a show of teaching you a lesson, making you wait... teasing you until you're begging for release.  But I'll tell you a little secret, I'm just as relieved when I finally get to slip inside you and unleash all this energy you stirred up in me.  


Alpha / Bad Girl / Belt / Belt Spanking / Blow Job / Cock Worship / Dirty Talk / Discipline / Doggy Style / Female Submissive / Fingering / From Behind / Good Girl / Growling / Male Dominant / Naughty Girl / Popular Request / Rub While You Suck / Sir / Slutty / Spanking / 


Still Misbehaving?

My Naughty Girl (Spanking / Domination)

Party Time (Public Sex Revenge)

♣ Gancanagh (Erotic Horror)


Obedience (Naughty Girl Punishment)

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