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A remote with a gorgeous secluded cave just begging to be explored.

Sneak away with me into the cave, love. We'll get a bit naughty, and I'll explore you. ;)


Author's Notes:

Maybe it's because I've spent a lot of time on beaches and know the power and beauty of a setting like this... but this one really stirred me up. I lost my words so many times just getting lost in the moment in my mind...

The powerful crashing, the roaring of the waves building up... picturing the rhythm of the waves and the rhythm of our bodies. oof. The idea of it really casts a spell for me.

I hope you'll find the same magic I did ;)


Against The Wall / Big Boy / Cock Sounds / Corny Jokes / Creampie / Cum Sounds / Cummy Cock / Deep / Deep Inside You / Deep Kisses / Dirty Talk / Edging / Fingering / Growling / Holding You / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Intimate / Multiple Orgasm / Mutual Masturbation / Naughty / Orgasmic Gibberish / Outdoors / Passionate / Playful / Primal / Public Sex / Romantic / Sensual / Slow / Standing / Stroking / Sweet / Teasing / Turned On / Wet Sounds / 


Suggested Audios:

Rescue Me (Strangers to Lovers)

Dirty Gaelic (All Irish Erotic)

Love in an Elevator (Public Sex with a Stranger)

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Our Secret Cave

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