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I never thought I'd be grateful for my fear of flying, or for the terrible Irish weather that delayed your bus. Fate seems to have bound us together, to overcome our fears and in the end, rescue each other.


Author's Note:

I had so much fun making this! I love the enerdree between our two lovers, both the hero, both in need of rescuing. It made for a sweet and very passionate stolen moment you and I can share. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!



3D / Belt Sounds / Can You Take All of Me? / Close / Cumming Together / Cute / Deep Kisses / Desperate / Driving / Driving Stick / Edging / Eye Contact / Face to Face / Giggle Sex / Holding You / In My Arms / Intense / Intimate / Passionate / Praise / Public Sex / Rain / Ride Me / Romantic / Slow / Standing / Storm Sounds / Strangers / Stroking / Sweet / Take Your Throne / There You Go / Undressing /


Suggested Audios:

Take Me (Cherishing You)

Perfect Night (Fantasy Epic)

Close to Me (Intense Intimacy)

Rescue Me - Strangers to Lovers (Erotic Epic)

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