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It was a dark and stormy night that you walked into my life...

Maybe it was the weather, something in the air that made us wild...

But I'll never forget this elevator ride ;)


Author's Note:

One of the very first erotic audios I ever recorded was a lustful meeting between strangers.  The concept has always turned me on.  Chemistry growing between two people in a small, private secluded place and before they can think logically, they are melting into one another.  No rules, no hesitation, just the need to be together in that moment.


Part 1 - It was fun to create the chemistry, the banter, the fun nicknames, and the intimacy. 

Part 2 - I took my time savouring the delicious tension and built up arousal until it was just too much and I had to give into the world we built together...



Bed Percussion / Bed Sounds / Blow Job / Blow Job Instructions / Checking In With You / Creampie / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep / Deep Inside You / Desperate / Devouring You / Dirty Talk / Doggy Style / Elevator / Fingering / From Behind / Hard / Hotel sex / In My Arms / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Intimate / Let Me Look At You / Licking You / Muffled Orgasm / On Your Tummy / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Praise / Primal / Romantic / Series / Sheets / Slow / Slurping / Strangers / Stroking / Sweet / Take it All / Tasting You / That's My Girl / Thrust / Tongue Sounds / Trying Not To Cum / Uncut / Undressing / You Deserve to be Savored


I've a number of strangers into lovers or spontaneous lust stories, here are a few you might dive into :

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A Gentleman's Desire (Club Attraction)

Neighbourhood Watch (Voyeur Fantasy)

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Love in an Elevator Part 1 & 2 Complete Series

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