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Ihave plans for your lunch hour, but I'll be the one eating...

I know you've been hard at work and seeing you all tense an coiled up ignites my desire to put a relaxed, happy and very very satisfied smile on your face.

Let's start with you leaning back in your office chair... and spreading your legs for me....


Author's Note:

I love changing up the order of things. A lickle distraction, an enerdree-filled lovemaking session, some pampering in the shower and a bit of cuddling. Warm and safe against my chest, wrapped in my arms, listening to my heartbeat. I'll send you back to your work day a lot less tense like That's MY job! :)


Afterglow / Bad Girl / Bed Sounds / Belt Sounds / Blow Job / Breast Appreciation / Cock Spanks / Cuddling / Decadent Pussy Licking / Devouring You / Dirty Talk / Distraction / Fingering / Gaelic / Gentle throat contact / Good Girl / Growling / Heartbeat / I Love You / I'm Your Toy / Intense Orgasm / Licking You / My Fantasy / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Playful / Please / Praise / Primal / Quality Time / Seduction / Shower / Slurping / Tasting You / That's My Girl / There You Go / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Undressing / Whispers / Working From Home / You Can Take More / Your Pretty Petals / 

Suggested Audios:

Just One Finger (Seducing You)

Love in an Elevator (Strangers to Lovers)

Playing With Your Pages (Public Reading Kink)

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No More Work. Let's Play! (Erotic Distraction)

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