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Just a nice innocent girl...

Reading a nice.. innocent book...

No one is watching...


Author's Note:

You know how much I love to turn you on in public, but I didn't anticipate how much this fantasy would drive me crazy.  It took me a moment to recover from my orgasm to find my way back to the moment... I hope you get as swept away as I did! 



Arousal / Book Foreplay / Breath on Ear / Caress / Challenge / Chasing Your Orgasm / Clit Play / Cock Sounds / Cum Sounds / Desperate / Fingering / Gentle / Good Girl / Loud Orgasm / Needing You / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Public Arousal / Public Sex / Reading Kink / Seduction / Turned On / We Have To Be Quiet / Whispers / 


Do you like public naughtiness as much as I do?  

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