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I planned to take you to see the lights but the lights aren't the only thing turned on.

No one's looking... Do you wanna be really naughty?


Author's Note:

This is definitely a fantasy of mine. A brisk winter walk... we should be cold but the way you're clinging to me starts warming me up until I can't think about anything else but finding the nearest secret place and taking you right there and then...

So why don't we ;)



Against The Wall / All That Cock / Alpha / Bad Girl / Belt Sounds / Clit Play / Cum Play / Cum Sounds / Deep Inside You / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Every Inch / Eye Contact / Fingering / Good Girl / Growling / I'm Your Toy / In My Arms / Intense / Look At Me / Mutual Masturbation / Naughty / Naughty Girl / Outdoors / Passionate / Please / Public / Public Arousal / Public Sex / Risk / Standing / Stroking / That's My Girl / There You Go / 


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Naughty Walk in Winter (Risky Frisky)

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