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You've been cooped up inside all week, let's take a trip to the countryside for a romantic picnic... no one around... just you and me, the birds & the bees 😘


And when you kiss me like that, I forget that I brought you here to because you make me hungry for something much much more delicious...


Author's Note:

One of my biggest turn-ons is getting turned on in places we could get caught.  This audio is a variation of that turn-on.  Let me take you to a beautiful place where the sky stretches above us as we make love with the wind blowing over our naked skin...


The sounds in this audio were recorded in a field in West Ireland, a beautiful area with a view of the countryside and the tall grass was soft and moved with the wind.  I fantasized about creating this audio as I captured the atmosphere.  I hope you'll be transported there with me when you listen.


I made this into an hour-long audio if you'd like to relax in the post-orgasmic bliss and listen to the sounds of Ireland all around you.




Erotic Picnic (Being Naughty Outside)

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