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I awoke, startled to loud noises coming from the kitchen

Here I find you my love, on your hands and knees...wearing my shirt.

You have insomnia which you are cleaning to soothe


But I've a better idea.

Why spend time banging pots and pans...

When you could be banging me? ;)


Author's Note:

Seeing you in my shirt is always an instant "turn on" button.  Crawling around on the floor and ... well really, I'm not responsible for the thoughts running through my mind and the heat spreading through my blood.


You didn't know you started this fire, but baby, I'm gonna need you to put it out!



Aggressive / Balls Deep / Bent Over / Big Boy / Cock Spanks / Creampie / Cum Play / Cum Sounds / Curing Your Insomnia / Dirty / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Do As You're Told / Dominant / Fingering / From Behind / Good Girl / Growling / I've Got You / Insomnomnomnomia / Intense / Kitchen / Naughty / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Pinching Nipples / Praise / Primal / Pulling Your Hair / She / Slut Word / So Much Cum / Standing / Stroking / That's My Girl / There You Go / Trying Not To Cum / Wearing My Shirt / You Can Take More /



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Banging in the Kitchen (Aggressive)

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