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I never hoped nor imagined to find love, cursed as I am...

And yet here you are, the one who can love the man behind the beast...

The peace to my chaos...


And to hold you in my arms is the greatest joy and the greatest torment...

How I long to get lost in you, be one with love you...completely.


But can I trust myself?  

If the moon takes over and I lose control... hurting you would be the end of me.

And yet.. when I look in your eyes... the love... the trust... the strength...


Do I dare to dream?


Author's Note:

I love recording audios with supernatural themes.  I've a number of werewolf audios and I'm very happy that each of them explore a different aspect of the genre. 


- "Big Bad" a seemingly light-hearted audio where you meet a well-meaning man who happens to be a werewolf and the dangers that holds.


- "Werewolf Protector" is A fun twist on the "Friends to Lovers" theme, where your protective "friend" has another side to him that is ready to devour you.


And finally, this audio, which is a bit more emotional, vulnerable and tender.  A man who knows he loves you and wants to give you everything, but isn't willing to put you at risk.  The idea that the power of love can soothe the most savage of beasts is achingly romantic to me.


I hope you'll enjoy these tales.  Or tails? ;)



Be My Peace / Breath on Ear / Danger / Emotional / Eye Contact / Face to Face / Fireplace / Gaelic / Gentle / Growling / Halloween / I Love You / Keep Me With You / My Beloved / My Treasure / Purring / Risk / Romantic / Sensual / Slow / Stubble / Sweetheart / Werewolf / 



Taming The Beast (Werewolf Romance) (Emotional)

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