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The dinner is put away, I've done the dishes, and I love you too much to let you fall asleep on our couch and wake up uncomfortable in the morn.

Come upstairs, my love and I'll make it worth your while.


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Runtime: 28:41

Virgo traits I focused on:
You know how Virgos pay attention to everything? Detail-oriented and thorough may not seem like traditionally sexy traits until properly applied.

I know all your spots.  I know just what to do to you, I plan to use everything I've noticed.  Let me leave no part of your body untouched, or unkissed... let no shiver of pleasure go unnoticed nor unfollowed to its ultimate bliss...

Author's Notes:
Grand romantic gestures have many sources.  The idea of taking care of things so you can rest, looking after your wellbeing, and wanting to see you as relaxed as you are pleasured, are my ways of showing you I care.  As a man, I love feeling useful and needed.  The trust you show when you let me take care of you, makes me want to look after you even more.  The way you respond to my care and my touch... makes me ache to do more, I'm greedy to be the source of both your comfort and pleasure.


On the recording side of things, I was just in a very sexually charged headspace and everything felt very intense.  Tasting you always turns me on but I was absolutely ready to explode and trying to hold it together was a very fun kind of torture.  You'll hear me losing it here and there and moving in the sheets trying not to cum.. But... oh the release... it took everything out of me and I slept like a rock afterward, thinking of your warm body wrapped around me.


Maybe I should be a Virgo more often ;)

Zodiac Series (Your Lover):

Since I released the Zodiac series (Your Birthday) many of ye have approached me about doing more Zodiac-related content.

Now, I do have plans to create another series focused on you, but one idea that kept coming up was the concept of your lover embodying the Zodiac traits. This is an exciting concept for me!


And so a new series is born!  Through this series I will be taking on the traits of the Zodiac signs.  Be ready to share your thoughts about what attracts you to various Zodiac signs.  I will be listening intently to your opinions when I prepare to record this series!

3D / Afterglow / Breath on Ear / Cheeky / Clit Play / Close / Cock Spanks / Comfy / Couch Sounds / Darling / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep Kisses / Devouring You / Eye Contact / Gaelic / Giggling / Good Girl / Growling / Hi / Honey / I Love You / I Love to Watch You Cum / Intimate / Licking You / Looking After You / Loving / My Girl / My Little Bug / My Love / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Passionate / Please / Purring / Sensitive Cock / Sheets / Singing / Sleepy Voice / Slow / Sweetheart / Take It All / Taking My Time / Tasting You / Tongue Sounds / Undressing / Washing Dishes / Whispers / 


Your Turn:

Your Birthday - Zodiac series

Happy Birthday, my goddess.  Let me celebrate your mystical personality with all the attention you deserve in this series designed to touch your most mystically intimate places. - See the Full List of Zodiac Signs


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