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You had a naughty dream...

Bad girl.

Don't worry. I intend to make it a reality.


Author's Note:

I haven't cum this hard in a while.... this audio was from the "Create With Me" thread where I give ye control of my mouth during our pleasure and something about this one really put me in just the right headspace...


It's a fun challenge to try to piece them all into one sexy moment... and I admit I get quite lost in that moment...  As we go deeper, I was inspired to really indulge my love of tasting you... I took my time and let my mind really sink into the fantasy and my body lit up... The build up was so intense... and the release...mmmh.


This may have been an audio full of your fantasies but I mixed in a few of mine and the result ... well... I had me a nice nap just after xd


I hope you enjoy the result of our meeting of minds...



Afterglow / All That Cock / Bed Percussion / Bed Sounds / Blow Job / Checking In With You / Cock Sounds / Create With Me / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep / Deep Throat / Dirty Talk / Don't Run / Eye Contact / Fingering / Gaelic / Good Girl / Growling / Intense / Intimate / Kitten / Licking You / Loud / Missed You / Mistress / Moaning / Morning Voice / NSFW / Panties / Passionate / Pillow Talk / Playing For You / Purring / Romantic / Savoring You / Sheets / Slow / Slurping / Spank or Two / Spanking / Stroking / Taking My Time / Tasting You / Tell Me / There You Go / Tongue Sounds / Touching Myself / Uncut / Watch Me Play / 


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Making Your Naughty Dream Come True

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