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I've been a little tired lately and not giving you enough attention.

Seeing you today in your black dress did something to me... wanna hear my fantasy?


Author's Note:

We can easily get wrapped up in the draining reality of our day but sometimes all it takes is a moment to light a fire in us and fill us with the desire to absolutely devour each other...


Let's get naughty....set aside our lives and lose ourselves in pleasure... hmm?



3D / Alpha / Bad Girl / Blow Job / Cock Sounds / Deep / Deep Kisses / Dirty Talk / Dominant / Don't Run / Energetic / Eye Contact / Fantasizing / Fuck Your Mouth / Good Girl / Intense / Moaning / My Fantasy / Naughty Girl / off the cuff / On Your Knees / Oral / Passionate / Primal / Spank or Two / Stroking / There You Go / Turned On / Whispers / You Can Take More / 

Suggested Audios:

Don't Touch (Pleasure Dom)

Out Of Your Mind

Never Doubt Your Sexiness (Praise Kink)

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The Thought of You Sets Me on FIRE

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