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You chose this audio because you want to get out of your head and I'm happy to oblige.


I'm going to be gentle, rough, tender and filthy. But through it all I'm going to respect you...


As dirty as I get with you, I'll be equally loving.


And there is always a pause button if you need to catch your breath.

Now. Get upstairs.

Good girl.


Author's Notes:

I always enjoy blowing... up the 4th wall. This audio is for those who are maybe a little tired of reality and just want to get out of their head for a little bit and have a nice naughty time.

This audio has props but there will be full marks for audience participation in whatever way you decide.

By the way, the first two minutes aren't a suggestion. You're gonna want to be ready to go when I come into the room.

Buckle up, love. Let's have some fun and get you out of that mind for a while ;)


Aftercare / Afterglow / Aggressive / Alpha / Big Boy / Blindfold / Butt Stuff / Cum Sounds / DEFINITE Butt Stuff / Deep / Dirty Girl / Dirty Talk / Dominant / Double Penetration / Filthy / Fuck The 4th Wall / Fucking You With Your Toy / Gentle / Good Fucking Girl / Good Girl / Growling / Handcuffs / Hard / Honey / I Love You / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Look At Me / Loving / Lube / Mine / My Baby / Narrative Style / Orgasmic Gibberish / Panties / Passionate / Praise / Primal / Punishing Your Pussy / Rough / Slow / Squirting / Sweet Girl / Sweetheart / Take It Deeper / Toy



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