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I have something we can do together...


Your body knows how to right itself.  A sigh is a release of tension, a relaxing into comfort, an unloading of sorrow, an expression of contentment.


When you sigh, your body knows to let go and release... I want to do that together...  Release, relax and let go... I want to see you happy in your body.


Author's Note:

I use this breathing constantly.  It works so quickly and completely, it is my fast "go-to" way of managing my stress in a really practically helpful way.


If you want the science of it: A physiological sigh is a simple breathing exercise, that can lower stress, improve your mood, and restore a feeling of calm. To perform the physiological sigh, take a deep inhale (followed by a short second inhalation if it's comfortable) and then an extended exhalation. Repeat as needed until you are feeling more calm and comfortable


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Sigh With Me

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