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Let's get up close and personal for a bit, love.

Escape from the day for a while, as I nibble and suck on your earlobes, whispering Gaelic endearments...


Author's Note:

I was scratching my beard thoughtfully, wondering what ye might enjoy and decided to bring you a lickle bit of sensual Ireland your way. The beard may have snuck in a little as well ;)



Ear Attention / Ear Kisses / Ear Nibbles / Ear licking / Gaelic / Growling / Purring / Sensual / Soft Spoken / Spicy Vanilla / Stubble / 


Suggested Audios:

Safe and Sound (Healing Tender Love)

Perfect Night in Ireland

Never Let You Go (Supernatural Love)

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Gaelic Ear Temptation (Ear Kiss and Sexy Stubble)

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