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You have brought magic into my life every day that I've known you.


So for your birthday, my dear Pisces, I wanted to return the favour.  


Join me for a romantic night of lovemaking and connection in a setting fit for the mermaid goddess you are.



Runtime 29:22


Aspects of the Pisces I Focused On;

My mystical dreamy Pisces love, I wish I could spirit you away to magical lands that would touch your ethereal soul. In this love story I sought to bring some magic to the every day and make your feel special, but most importantly spending time connecting with you on the enchanting emotional level you live on.


As a Leo...

I enjoy the dramatic nature of the adventure it is to be partnered with you. Our passionate natures are different but melt together so beautifully.


Author's Note:

I really enjoyed this audio, seeing through the eyes of the gentle, emotion-filled Pisces. I love how everything has a spark of magic to you and getting to experience a little of that was a bit addicting I must say and has given me ideas for future audios. Thank you dear Pisces for lending your creative touch that will extend beyond this audio!


Tags: Afterglow / Birthday / Checking In With You / Connection / Cum Sounds / Cumming Together / Darling / Deep / Deep Inside You / Eye Contact / Face to Face / Finger Sucking / Gaelic / Gentle / Growling / Hi / Honey / Intimate / Kissing / Kissing Down Your Spine / Licking You / Lotion / Loud Orgasm / Loving / Massage / My Love / Nipple sucking / Nuru Massage / Orgasmic Gibberish / Petal / Pisces / Romantic / Skin to Skin / Slow / Tasting You / Tender / Thoughtful / Tongue Sounds


Not a Pisces? You're more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at


This is the conclusion of the Zodiac Series. I had an incredible time getting to know you all through your mystical personalities.  Please feel free to explore the entire series.  Find your Moon, your Rising sign, and anything in between!


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Pisces - Zodiac Series

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