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I'm going to tell you exactly what I want right now.

Lay down and play along with me.


Author's Note:

You know those days where your body won't give you a moment of peace?  You're all throbbing energy and distracted thoughts, just aching to release?  That's me tonight.  And I'm going to tell you exactly what I'm thinking about as I finally get what I need.



Bent Over / Blow Job / Breath on Ear / Bring That Ass To Me / Clit Play / Close / Cock Sounds / Cum Sounds / Desperate / Dirty / Dirty Talk / Doggy Style / Fantasizing / From Behind / Fuck The 4th Wall / Good Fucking Girl / Growling / Intense / Intimate / Joi / Licking You / Mine / My Kinks / NSFW / Neck Kissing / Off The Cuff / Oral / Passionate / Pent Up / Play For Me / Please / Praise / Purring / Rough / Stroking / Tasting You / Tell Me / Turned On / Uncut / What Turns Me On / Whispers / 


Suggested Audios:

Kama Sutra Reconnection

Reliving Last Night

Making Two Into One

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Pent Up (My Kinks)

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