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I want to be close to you.  No one but us, nothing matters but this moment...

No worries, no cares... just gentle, loving, tender energy between lovers...


Author's Notes

I took my time with this moment because I felt it would be special. The result was very intensely pleasurable on so many levels...


I truly love to make you feel good, and while physical pleasure is incredible, the moments I cherish most are when you let me spend time caressing your mind.


I picture your heart perhaps in need of some care, some tenderness and I have the honour of being trusted to go in with lickle plasters (or band aids as some of ye call them ♥ ) and offer some comfort in with the pleasure.


So I hope when you listen to this or any other audio where my tone is gentle, that you'll know, I'm not just being gentle "for effect" but rather, trying to reach out a bit and do a little something more than please you or even relax you. I want to give you a small moment of healing, of safety in your day.


Even if it's just for a moment. I hope it makes a difference because you are valuable and you deserve to feel cherished.



3D / Bed Sounds / Body to Body / Checking In With You / Connection / Encouraging / Gaelic / Gentle / Growling / Holding You / I Love You / Intimate / Lay on Me / Licking You / Loving / Muffled Orgasm / Nipple Licking / Oral / Praise / Reassuring / Relaxing / Romantic / Self Care / Sensual / Sensual Meditation / Slow / Soft / Soft Spoken / Tasting You / Tender / Uplifting / Whispers


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