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I always knew there was something between us... but I never imagined I could fall so hard so quickly. One kiss was all it took for me to realize I'd be lost without you.


Author's Note:

This is always one of my favourite genres of romance. I love the ease when there is a basis of care, watching how friendly affection blooms into a different kind of love.  I wanted the energy of this one to be sweet but passionate and a little naughty,  as if this had been building for a while, and you lead me to realize what you've known all along...


Also, I didn't intend for this to be up against the door, but something in the moment was so sexy and spontaneous about having you pressed up against hard wood.... and also the door ;)


Against The Door / Against The Wall / Awkward / Breath on Ear / Clit Play / Conversational Sex / Cum Sounds / Cute / Darling / Deep / Dirty Talk / Eye Contact / Face to Face / Fingering / Friends To Lovers / Good Girl / Growling / Honey / In My Arms / Intense / Intimate / Loud Orgasm / Loving / My Girl / NSFW / Nipple Play / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Painting Your Pussy / Passionate / Playful / Please / Romantic / Shy / Shy Gael / Silly / Stroking / Sweet / Sweetheart / There You Go / Whispers / Wrap Around Me


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