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Hey!  You wanna come over and watch the All-Ireland Hurling Finals with me?  

Don't worry I'll teach you all about it!  I've even got you a jersey!

I have been wanting to see you all week and this is a great excuse for us to spend some quality time together!


Author's Note:

Perhaps combining sex and sports is a bit of a dream scenario for a man but on the emotional side of things, it means a lot when a woman is not only willing to be a part of something you're passionate about, but an enthusiastic participant.


The idea that a night of fun and cheering could lead to heavy passionate sex, is a complete fantasy for me, and I hope you won't mind my shrieking in joy during the game if I can make you scream in pleasure later ;)



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If you this, Try!

Wet & Passionate: First Time Together

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Game Time (Friends to Lovers)

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