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My love, it's perfectly alright to be tired. You give so much and as amazing as your are, your energy is not limitless.  I do however see that look in your eye and your brain has always been the sexiest part of you. 


The mind may be ready for action but the body needs her rest.

Let's give your body a break and satisfy your aroused mind...

Lay back and be comfortable. I’ll take good care of you…


♣ Click Video for sample

Length: 31:02 


Tags:  ASMR / Beach / Blow Job / Clit Massage / Clit Play / Cute / Deep / Deep Inside You / Doggy Style / Fantasy / Finger Sucking / Gentle / Growling / Healing / Kissing / Lead My Fingers / Loving / Mindful Sex / NSFW / Narrative Style / Nature Sounds / Nipple Play / Ocean Waves / Sexual Healing / Show Me What You Like / Silly / Stroking / Taking Care Of You / Tongue Sounds / Understanding Your Needs / Whispers /

Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.


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Pleasuring You When You're Tired (Satisfying your Needs)

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