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You've been edging... playing...teasing...

But you know you were waiting to have me here in your ear before you finally let yourself explode.  

You wanted me to be here, to control your pleasure... to tell you when it was time.

And I'm very very happy to oblige.


Author's Note:

I absolutely love seeing you turned on.  But there is a special kind of ache you give me when I can see you're desperate for release and you want me to be the one to give it to you.  You unleashed a rare passion in me in this audio, the idea that you clicked on this audio, already throbbing and so ready to explode drives me so damn crazy.


Let's give you what you need hmm?


Click video for preview

Must be 18+ to purchase

Length 18:00



3D / Afterglow / Alpha / Bondage / Breath on Ear / Clit Play / Cock Sounds / Dirty Talk / Dominant / Edging / Feel Me There With You / Fingering / Fuck The 4th Wall / Good Girl / Greedy / Growling / Hear My Length / Helpless / Licking You / Loud Orgasm / NSFW / Naughty / Sensitive Cock / Stroking / Tasting You / Teasing / Tied / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Uncut / Whispers / You Cum When I Tell You / 


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Taking You To The Edge

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