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The pleasure from last night carried into my dreams.

I never came down from the feelings of arousal...

I woke up purring and ready for more...


Author's Note:

I wonder if I have a morning kink lately. Is that a thing?


Something about mornings has been turning me on lately.  I wake up throbbing, my skin feeling tight and sensitive... and I just have to play.


The idea of the pleasure from the night before, inspiring dreams that become a sexy reality when we wake up just drove me crazy... I was ready to cum almost immediately as I began recording...and even after I came I didn't want to stop touching myself... the pleasure was radiating so deliciously through my was so addictive...


I kept stroking myself, aching, pulsing, and slippery with cum... the thought of you cumming to the sound of my wet cock.... I just couldn't stop.  It felt so naughty and primal...



Biting / Blow Job / Cock Sounds / Cum Sounds / Cummy Cock / Desperate / Gender Neutral / Intense / Intimate / Lots of Cum Sounds / Loud Orgasm / Moaning / Morning Sex / Morning Voice / Mutual Masturbation / Neck Kissing / Nipple Play / Nipple sucking / Orgasmic Gibberish / Play Ball! / Pride / Purring / Stroking / There You Go / Wet Sounds /


As it is Pride month, I wanted to make a gender-neutral erotic to get lost in together. I know it started my day with a wicked smile, I hope it does for you as well!


I hope you know that no matter your hue on the pleasure spectrum, you are valued, loved, and respected in this community.


If you'd like to listen to more Gender Neutral / Pride audios, I've collected them here. Please enjoy them with my warmest affection, and if you'd like; use code "PRIDE" for 20% off any of the audios on the page through July 3rd ♥


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