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Here you are coming out of the shower smelling good enough to eat...

And baby... I'm RAVENOUS.


Author's Note:

This was one big lust haze. I wanted everything everywhere all at once. Your ass pressed against me in one direction, you riding my face in another, our eyes locking in the mirror as I slide deep inside you. Everything. All. At. Once.


I hope you're up for a bit of a ride with this one ;)



All Over You / Balls Deep / Bed Sounds / Blow Job / Bring That Ass To Me / Christmas / Clit Play / Decadent Pussy Licking / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Doggy Style / Eye Contact / Face to Face / Facesitting / Finger Fuck / Fingering / From Behind / Good Fucking Girl / Good Girl / Growling / Hi / Holding You / Honey / Intense / Look At Me / Lotion / Mirror / Naughty Girl / Passionate / Playful / Ravenous / Ride My Face / Show Me What You Like / Spread Your Fucking Legs / Standing / Strength / Stroking / Sweetheart / Take It All / Tease Me / Tell Me / That's My Girl / Tongue Fuck / Turned On / Use Two Hands / 


Suggested Audios:

I wanted to suggest other audios were I felt this level of urgent passion, I suggest breaks in between and some hydration like ;)

Thunder Storm Position

Passion, Pleasure & Pounding

Ride Me (As I Turn You On)

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Lotion & Lust (Christmas Eve)

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