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This is a meditation designed to help you rest.  You can choose to stay awake or drift into sleep.  The idea is to let yourself flow however your consciousness flows and find a bit of peace in your day.


Author's Note:

Yoga Nidra is one of my favourite ways to center myself and relieve stress. I reliably find peace in this kind of meditation and I hope you'll find it too.  The music will certainly help.  I'm constantly in awe of ASMRPianist's means of expression


Yoga nidra is a meditative practice that combines yoga and guided imagery to help you reach a state of deep consciousness and relaxation. The name comes from the Sanskrit words yoga, meaning union, and nidra, meaning sleep. It's also known as "yogic sleep", "psychic sleep", or "effortless relaxation".


Music by theASMRPianist

Please thank The ASMR Pianist for graciously lending us his talent. You can hear the song in this audio; "Dreamy Ambient Space Piano" on YouTube.


ASMR Pianist / Comfort / Ease / Guided Meditation/ Peace / Piano / Reassuring / Relaxation / Relaxing / Sleep  / Soothing / Tender / Whispers / Yoga Nidra


Suggested Audios:

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♣ Heartbeat Hugs

♣ Sleepy Couch Cuddles (3 Hours)

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Intentional Deep Sleep (Yoga Nidra) (Music by ASMR Pianist)

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