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You always have a place to be safe here with me.

I will hold you against my heart as long as you need.

I will speak gently and lovingly into your ear and as my words fade, I hope the sound of soft Irish rain and my slow steady heartbeat will bring you peace and comfort.


Author's Note:

I've long felt a kinship with nature. If I'm upset and tears come, and it happens to be raining, I feel like there is a connection and solidarity in that moment with the universe around me.

I wanted to apply that concept to this audio. The first 10 minutes is gentle softly spoken reassurance and loving words while we listen to the rain falling around us. The heartbeat is mine. It's slow, and calm, I was thinking of you when I recorded it. Hoping it's rhythm would be comforting and encourage yours to slow down and match it.


I hope you never need a sadness comfort audio.

But I'm always very honoured to be here if you do.


Comforting Erotics:

I'm Sorry (I Love You)

Pleasuring You When You're Tired

Coming To Your Rescue (Friends to Lovers)

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This is a non-erotic audio

Heartbeat Hug (Sadness Comfort)

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