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I didn't think I had more energy left after last night, but watching you coming out from the shower...

Sitting in your vanity chair, teasing me, spreading lotion all over your beautiful body... you begin to touch yourself for me..

I am powerless to resist...


Author's Note:

What is it about watching you spread lotion on your body that brings out the animal in me? I want to drown in every delicious inch of you, breathe in the intoxicating combination of the scent of your lotion and the scent of your arousal. Bury myself deep inside you and never emerge... I've found my heaven.



C Word / Chair Sex / Clit Spanks / Cock Sounds / Cock Spanks / Decadent Pussy Licking / Dirty Talk / Fingering / Growling / Licking You / Lotion / Mine / NSFW / Narrative Style /

Nipple Play / Nipple sucking / Oral / Praise / Sensual / Slut wor / Slutty / Soft Spoken /

Tasting You / Tongue Fuck / Turned On /


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