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Stay close to me... I want to feel you all over me... on top of me.. around me...


Author's Note:

There are moments when I'm recording that I get completely lost in the moment. I can almost FEEL everything. This was one such audio. It's loving and dirty, passionate and sensual... So many of the little intimacies are things I personally love. I could picture absolutely everything and by the end, I was ready to explode.


I hope you are able to take time and experience this one with me. It was such an incredible release for me, I'd love for you to join in.

You bring your naughty nails, I'll bring my VERY enthusiastic tongue. We'll find some fun places to slide them both.



3D / ASMR / Alpha / Bed Sounds / Blow Job / Clit Play / Cum Play / Decadent Pussy Licking / Dirty Talk / Finger Sucking / Fingering / Fucking Your Mouth / Gentle / Gentle Spanking / Gentle throat contact / Growling / In My Arms / Instructions / Intimate / Licking You / NSFW / Nipple sucking / Passionate / Play Ball! / Praise / Ride Me / Romantic / Sheets / Slow / Slutty / Stroking / Suck Hard / Talkin With My Mouth Full / Tasting You / Tiddy Tease / Tongue Sounds / Uncut / Use Your Nails / 


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