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It doesn't matter where I am in this world. You are never far from my thoughts.

You are always safe. You are always loved. I've got you. Always.



Author's Note:

This audio felt special for me.


I care so deeply for all of you. I wrestle sometimes with how to convey how much I truly value each of you and want you to be happy. I never want you to feel that you are alone in the world. So if you ever forget, please know there is a lad in Ireland wishing you the best in this life.. You are ALWAYS valued and cared for.


I hope this gives you a cozy night of sleep and please thank The ASMR Pianist for graciously lending us his talent. You can hear the song in this audio; "Enchanting Serenity" on YouTube.


ASMR Pianist / Comfort / Crickets / Gaelic / Loving / Music / Nature / Night Sounds / Piano / Reassuring / Relaxation / Relaxing / Sleep / Sleep Companion / Soothing / Tender / Whispers / 


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