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A night of fun and beverages in Cork, Ireland leads to an energetic morning romp with a lad from the pub.  


Author's Notes:

Since ye enjoyed the VERY IRISH motivation audio so much (and more than a few of you wanted a turn around the bedroom with a proper Cork lad, here we are!)


I grew up speaking this way until it was bate out of me by my teachers.  I love the way we speak in Cork.  We light up, and come alive.  There is so much joy in the way we express ourselves.


I hope you enjoy measuring your ability to follow what I'm saying.  This was a fun one to record and if ye enjoy it, I'm sure we can coax some more Cork lad out in the future!


Bed Percussion / Cock Sounds / Cork Slang / Cum Sounds / Cute / Dirty Talk / Full Irish / Giggling / Good Thing / Growling / Intense Orgasm / Intimate / Kissing / Loves Ya To Bits Beour / Passionate / Praise / Sheets / Slang / VERY IRISH /



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