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A lovely weekend in a cozy Irish inn.  

A perfect way to get away from all the stress and get some peace and quiet...

I can't wait to get you alone but we'll have to be very quiet.  The innkeeper is quite nosy!

Uh oh.... You've that look in your eye what mischief are you going to get us into?


Author's Note:

Despite it not being a sex in public audio, this does hit that turn-on for me.  The risk is real!  There is no evil eye like the evil eye of an ol' Irish innkeeper!  Do you think we can keep it down?


I still chuckle thinking of the muse applying ice cream to Willy in an attempt to VERY EFFECTIVELY make me lose my composure.



Begging / Blow Job / Cock Sounds / Cute / Finger Sucking / Food Play / Ice Cream Willy / Intense / Intimate / Naughty Girl / Nipple sucking / Passionate / Sensitive Cock / Story / Teasing / We Have To Be Quiet / Whispers / 


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