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There are times when I want you so bad I lose all control, every part of me is throbbing, aching and needing you.  Tonight is one of those times.  I want you.  right now.


Are you going to give me what I need?


Author's Note:

I was in a mood and decided a bit of off the cuff enerdree release was in order.  It's primal and passionate and urgent.  Are you in that mood too?  Let's find what we want together hmm?



Aggressive / Alpha / Bed Sounds / Belt Sounds / Bouncing on My Cock / Cock Sounds / Creampie / Cum Sounds / Dirty Talk / Fantasizing / Fuck The 4th Wall / Give it to me / Growling / Hard / Honey / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Moaning / Off the cuff / Passionate / Primal / Ride Me / Stroking / Take It All / There You Go / Undressing / 

Suggested Audios:

The Thought of You sets Me on Fire

♣  Against the Wall: Revenge

Caught in the Rain

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Give Me What I Want (Dirty Talk Off the Cuff)

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