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Let me take you to my favourite secret camping place.  The beauty of Ireland all around us as we cuddle by the campfire and as the sun sets, we start another kind of fire in our tent...


Author's Note:

I have so many crazy stories of my time in the Irish wilderness and when my imagination drifts, I think of how I'd like to make things even crazier.  The Field of Dreams story is true, and now it has a lovely new fantasy attached to it in my memory ;)


Belt Sounds / Blow Job / Camping / Clit Play / Decadent Pussy Licking / Deep / Dirty Talk / Edging / Every Inch / Eye Contact / Feel My Weight On You / Fingering / Good Girl / Hi / Intense / Intense Orgasm / Interlocked Fingers / Intimate / Licking You / Look At Me / Loud Orgasm / Nature Sounds / Nipple sucking / Outdoors / Passionate / Praise / Primal / Romantic / S'morgy / Stories / Take It All / Tasting You / Tell Me / There You Go / Thrust / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Undressing / 


Suggested Audios:

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Paint Me (Friends to Lovers)

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Getting Wild in the Wild (Erotic)

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