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Fresh air, the sweetness of apples floating on the air, the warm weather leading our minds down ever more mischievous paths.

All it took was watching the juice of that apple running down your chin and I knew I was hungry for something else.

No one's looking... let's find us a nice tree to play under....


Author's Note:

I couldn't resist this yummy idea. Getting to taste you while in public? Mmm! That ticks so many of my boxes. I love finding new places to sample your sweetness.


(Click Video for Sneak Peek)

Runtime: 28:41



3D / Bad Gir / Blow Job / Breath on Ear / Cock Spanks / Creampie / Decadent Pussy Licking / Fingering / Food Play / From Behind / Good Girl / Growling / Licking You / Loving / Mine / Nature Sounds / Naughty / Orgasmic Gibberish / Outdoors / Passionate / Public / Public Sex / Romantic / Take It All / Tasting You / Teasing / Tell Me / That's My Girl / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Uncut / We Have To Be Quiet / Worshiping You / 


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