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Deciding to wait so long for our first time was a delicious exercise in torturous self-restraint. But now that I have you here, I'm going to take my time with you....

Until I don't.

I can't wait for us to explode together, but I will... a little longer.



Author's Note

The sensation of your wetness has always been a major turn-on for me but something about this one drove me so extra crazy. There are two points I almost came just because the build-up overtook me a small bit. I left them in, I hope you'll be able to feel the energy.



3D / ASMR / Bed Sounds / Breast Appreciation / Checking In With You / Clit Play / Cummy Cock / Cummy Pussy / Deep / Desperate / Edge of Bed / Fingering / First Time Together / Gaelic / Good Girl / Growling / Holding You / Honey / Intimate / Licking You / Lingerie / Loud / Loud Orgasm / NSFW / Nipple sucking / Passionate / Purring / Romantic / Rougher? Will that be ok? / Sensitive Cock / Silly / Still Hard / Strong Arms / Take It Deeper / Taking My Time / Tasting You / There You Go / Tongue Fun / Tongue Sounds / Trying Not To Cum / Undressing / Wet Sounds / You Want It? / 



Erotic Audio - NSFW - Must be 18+ to purchase.


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Wet & Passionate First Time Together

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