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Bedtime Stories - Devouring Each Other & The Legend Of Nora


I overdid it today and my muscles are very sore.

But your hand and mouth have very effective ways of making me forget all of my pain...

And I will be sure to reward your kindness with a massage for you as well... using my lips... my tongue...

As we drift off into a blissful, satisfied sleep, I'll tell you a story of my mad childhood, then we'll melt into each other as the rain falls outside...


Author's Notes:

I really enjoyed the energy of this audio. Having the lovemaking happen before the storytelling was fun and I may explore it again in future. It felt so intimate and sweet to be devouring each other one moment and be giggling about a silly story the next.

I hope you enjoy!



Bedtime Stories / Begging / Blow Job / Chest Kissing / Clit Play / Decadent Pussy Licking / Desperate / Dirty Talk / Gaelic / Good Girl / Growling / Intimate / Licking You / Massage / Passionate / Please / Praise / Purring / Rain Sounds / Romantic / Sensitive Cock / Sensual / Singing / Sore Muscles / Stroking / Sweetheart / Tasting You / Teasing / Tongue Fuck / Tongue Sounds / Whispers / 


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Devouring Each Other (Bedtime Stories Erotic)

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