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Let's get dirty while things get clean...


Give this a listen next time you need to vacuum, if you play along, no one will hear us moaning... Maybe we'll make this a returning theme...  I do so love to disrupt your day xd


Author's Note:

The idea of arousing someone while they keep up with a task is so sexy to me.  How much would you be able to concentrate with my fingers playing between your legs?  Or my tongue?  The idea is SO hot to me... 


♣ Click Video To Hear Sample

Length: 11:05


Afternoon Delight / Against The Wall / Both Holes Play / Butt Stuff / Cum Sounds / Filling You / Fingering / From Behind / Growling / NSFW / Quickie / Sexy in the Ordinary / Standing / There You Go / Vacumming / Whispers / 


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