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I knew you were special the moment I laid eyes on you. So much of humanity is open and vulnerable beneath the power of my primal senses.


But you. Something was different about you. I was and still am utterly entranced by you.

Thought, you've changed lately. Sleeping through the day, beckoning me stay with you in the night, when you know I'm at my most dangerous. You don't seem to fear the beast that lurks within me.


You seek to be a stronger temptation than the call of the Full Moon and it seems that is exactly what you've become...


Perhaps I've underestimated just how special you are...


Author's Note:

I am always excited to see what pops up in the Request threads, but there is always something special about the spookiest of seasons. This was a fun request I really enjoyed playing with, and I hope you enjoy playing along ;)


I always love getting to be the Big Wolf (Bad or otherwise!)


Thank you for always giving me something to.... chew on xd



Alpha / Alpha Girl / Danger / Gaelic / Growling / Halloween / Intense / My Love / Naughty Girl / Passionate / Playing With Fire / Primal / Ride Me / Risk / Seducing Me / Seduction / Vampire / Werewolf / Your Power over Me / 


Suggested Audios:

I love getting to show my wolfie side and I must say it's a point of pride is that despite having a number of Werewolf themed audios, I feel like they all explore the genre from very different angles


Big Bad a seemingly light-hearted audio where you meet a well-meaning man who happens to be a werewolf and find out just how dangerous it is to talk to strangers.


Werewolf Protector - is A fun twist on the "Friends to Lovers" theme, where your protective "friend" has another side to him that is ready to devour you.


Taming the Beast - which is a bit more emotional, vulnerable and tender.  A man who knows he loves you and wants to give you everything, but isn't willing to put you at risk.  The idea that the power of love can soothe the most savage of beasts is achingly romantic to me.


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Blood & Moonlight (Vampire / Werewolf Romance)

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